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Leader of quality bag manufacturing....


It is vital to take various factors into account during production planning:  project management , material deliveries, technical support and labor supply. Efficiently monitor the regularity and consistency of each project optimizes manufacturing operations, product quality and timely deliveries. The expertise and knowledge acquired over 25 years, allow us to be recognized by international brands.

New Bright supplies its customers with a comprehensive range of products and related services, plus, our technical consultation services as a mean of ensuring that we are perceived as a high value added partner. Our team of loyal workers are strictly selected and many of them has been staying with us for over 20 years. Their strong bag making skills are our assets. Our production lead time is highly adaptive to serve clients’ needs. New Bright is reputable and well respected in the manufacturing industry. 


The Pursuit of quality...


New Bright applies strict control at all stages of production. This is the best way to ensure maximum quality in every products that comes out of our factory. Our involvement is total. Each day, New Bright does everything in its power to satisfy the expectations and demands of its any customers. Meeting delivery deadlines through efficient production and logistic network and integrating our services. New Bright promises on-time delivery of products also in right quality.

This is one of New Bright’s top priorities.

We usually work with very detailed specifications and instruction books from our customers.
We have passed all social compliance required for Adidas, Hugo Boss, Prada, Under Armour and Mizuno.
We are also familiar with European Union Regulations such as Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). Our process of quality control has evolved over the years based on customers’ standards.


Accompany each project...


New Bright offers a range of technical and aesthetic solutions adapting to the constraints and imperatives of production.

Research and Development projects were carefully done by our Design Department. Our work reflects a careful considered balance between the desire to perfect the details and the need to cater to customers needs.

At the same time we ensure quality, consistency, responsiveness and flexibility to our every customer. Our design lead team are European leather goods designers.
We can design collections following your trends, moodboards and all other inspirational supports. Our Research and Development department offers a range of services from material consultations to testing services on materials, from sample production to the qualitative mass production cycles.


From idea to production...


Every year there are more than 300,000 products manufactured in our factory. They come from more than 100 projects a year of developments in leather goods, small leather goods and golf bag. In long term collaboration with designer brands, the sourcing of qualitative material is the key. Our team with more than 20 years of experience owns a strong network all over Asia.

Locating close to the material manufacturers, New Bright is informed of all new materials and technologies. Combined with the regular technology and trends watch by our design department, New Bright obtains a complete map of material sourcing.

To overcome today's adverse market conditions, our expertise in sourcing and purchasing allows us to maintain proper cost control on all components: fabrics, leather, hardware, their logistics and all related costs.

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