New Milestone: Luggage & Travel Goods

Discovering the Hidden Opportunity....

In 2018, New Bright has the new energy and direction of development. Due to the inquiry of luggage and travel goods has increased, drawing us in the new industry.

At the same time, we have invited very powerful and reliable Merchandisers,15 years experience 

in Luggage, travel goods and backpack industry, to grow with New Bright. In order to provide the best competitive price, their expertise and knowledge help us to control the cost management, such as Product Sourcing, Quality Control, Product Development, Stocks Delivery. 

Product's Quality is always the top priorities. we maintain a significant supply of various design and material from different factories. New Bright offers the comprehensive range of product and diversified customer services and supports. This Quality Policy intends to benefit our customers to fully control and customize their products. 

New Bright understood and experienced the  unpredictable changing in worldwide market, an effective and dynamic Research and Development department is essential. Our project manager and sales manager has taken the work of R&D in luggage and travel goods area. Our job is fulfill our client's benefit, provide the updated product's information, innovative design and cost management, testing services on materials and finished goods. 

Moreover, New Bright are happy to announce that our new office and showroom has been available in Shanghai, China. We are sincerely invite our customer to Shanghai office to experience the production and services.

Tommy, Leung

Project manager, luggage department

Steven, Hui

Sales manager, luggage department




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